Experience a perpetual excursion, as in the campsite, every day and every night offers new surprises

In a green, cool embrace, under large, shady, centenarian olive trees, near the sea, on a sandy, clean beach, special, fine facilities accommodate you, your family, friends and pets, providing all the necessary facilities for a comfortable and carefree stay, for many or few days. There are 150 positions for campers, caravans, automotives, tents and cars. Well-designed and trimmed wattles cover your vehicles and tents.The view from the higher rows is amazing, while on the lower rows, the plash of waves shall accompany your dreams. 

The ideal accommodation for families, groups of friends and couples, who wish to relax or flirt in a tranquil, clean, natural environment, at the same time having the possibility of easy and quick excursions to any direction and for any taste. Let your children enjoy their carefree games safely. The proper facilities and friendly staff take care of that. Experience an endless excursion, as in the camping, each day and night offers new surprises. 


220 V electricity supply pillars

Common toilets

Chemical toilets

Water drainage and sewage

Dressing rooms

Shower with hot water all day long

  • Laundry area
  • Area with sinks for dish washing


Lichnos 1, Parga, Greece, 48060 

Phone Number

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